What Happens to Your Car Once its Scrapped

When you send your old car to be scrapped, it doesn’t go straight into the crusher and its gone – there are a few things that happen first.


Your car is full of harmful, hazardous material that must be removed in a safe way. It is important for both the environment and for the people working with the car. If you’ve sent your vehicle to a breaker who sell scrap metal in Paddington, the should disassemble your car in an environmentally friendly manner.

Tyres – The tyres will be removed from the vehicle, if they are in good condition, they can be reused or sold to a buyer. If they aren’t in poor shape, they’ll be properly disposed of.  The rubber will be sent to a shredder as opposed to a landfill, this way it can be used for new products.

Battery – Your battery can sometimes be fixed and re-sold, otherwise it will be stripped, and various parts will be recycled by the scrap yard company.

Liquids – All types of fluids that are drained from your vehicle are stored in a safe container and some are recycled.

Other Items – Any hazardous material such as mercury will be removed and disposed of accordingly. Plastics will be recycled, and glass windows can be used for other purposes.


Once the car has been stripped and harmful material has been removed, it can then be crushed into a cube like shape, ready for its next journey.

If you’d like to reduce your carbon footprint while making some additional cash, consider sending your car to a reputable scrap yard dealer.